National organisers

The National Organisers play an important role in the European Union Contest for Young Scientists. In order to take part in the Contest, the contestants must have won first prize in their own country’s national competition for young scientists. It is up to each National Organiser to submit an application to the European Union Contest on behalf of their first prize winners. The National Organiser is thus responsible for ensuring that their national competition gets good publicity and attracts the best of the country to compete at the national competition and, consequently, that EUCYS gathers the best young scientists to compete against each other at European level.

Over the years, interest in the Contest has grown so much that neighbouring European countries as well as non-European countries are also eager to send their contestants to the European Contest.

The national contests may not be quite the same from one country to another due to the historical development of their national programmes, but all of them have one thing in common: a desire to promote an interest in science among young boys and girls.

To find out more about the national competitions that lead to the European Union Contest for Young Scientists, please find below a list of all the National Organisers involved.

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