Press accreditation request

  • Only published journalists, photographers, TV reporters, TV crews, radio reporters, radio crews, internet reporters, and press agency correspondents, may apply for press accreditation.
  • A press pass is not a substitute for fulfilling the conditions listed on this page for receiving press accreditation.
  • Requests for press accreditation take place from August 20th to September 18th, 2013 (notice: after September 18, 2013 it is no longer possible to obtain Press accreditation, not even during the contest).
  • In the interest of ensuring the best conditions for journalists during the contest, the number of Press accreditations is limited – as a rule only one representative is accepted per media company, except in the case of official media partners to EUCYS 2013.


To request accreditation please send an email to press@eucys2013.cz, specifying:

  • Press category (print journalist, internet reporter, TV, Radio, photographer) and affiliation, including an attached copy of your Press Pass.
  • An official accreditation request signed by your editor-in-chief on official letterhead.
  • A description of what your coverage of EUCYS 2013 will include (planned articles, photographs, broadcasts and their context)
  • Specification of the days for which you require accreditation (20, 21, 22, 23, 24 September) and specifying whether you will attend the Opening and/or Award ceremonies.
  • If you have been accredited for a similar event in the past, please include a copy of any output (articles, photographs, broadcasts) from that event
  • In case of internet-based media, please submit current page view statistics from an official, publicly verifiable page view auditor.


Press accreditation approval

  • You will be informed by September 19th at the latest whether your request for accreditation has been granted. In case of approved accreditation, you will be informed by email and will be provided with an official Press badge granting access to the contest, which must be collected from the Information desk at EUCYS (Incheba Expo) between 12:00 on Friday 20th September and 17:00 on Monday 23rd September, during contest opening hours.
  • EUCYS reserves the right to refuse to grant an accreditation. If you have not been granted accreditation, you will be informed in a timely manner.
  • Press accreditation is non-transferable.


What Press accreditation offers

  • Free entry to: the Press office at EUCYS 20-23 September, the exhibition of contestant projects 21-23 September, the Public Zone exhibits 21-23 September, the Opening Ceremony 21 September, the Award Ceremony 24 September, all press conferences associated with the contest.
  • Use of the Press office facilities at EUCYS 20-23 September including computers, internet access, printing facilities, and the availability of a video crew provided by the European Commission.
  • Press Kit, including contest brochure, press releases, programme, and other informative and promotional materials.
  • The opportunity to interview contestants, national organisers, international jury members, members of the European Commission and the host organisers including the Chief Manager of EUCYS 2013, and to arrange interviews with VIP guests including Prof. Jiri Drahos, president of the Academy of Sciences, Mr. Marek Eben, moderator of the Award Ceremony, representatives of the Ministry for Education Youth and Schools, and representatives of the Czech government, during the contest 20-23 September, and at the Press Conference following the Award ceremony on 24 September.
  • The chance to meet and work together with International journalists attending the event and with the communication team from the European Commission.
For further details and other information, please contact: press@eucys2013.cz.


Main media partner

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