Practical Information

The currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (symbol Kč, or CZK).
There are approximately 25 Czech Crowns to 1 euro. 
The Czech Republic is not part of the euro zone and although some hotels, restaurants and shops do accept payment in €, this is not standard practice.  
Major credit cards are accepted in most major locations, although smaller individual shops and restaurants may prefer cash payments. You can change money in a bank or take cash out at any of the many ATM machines in the centre of the city.  
Time zone 
The Czech Republic is in the Central European time zone (GMT +2 in Summer time)
The mains electricity supply in the Czech Republic is 220 V (230 V) 50/60 Hz with a two-pin plug system that is familiar in most of Europe. Please be sure that any equipment you need to use during the contest will be compatible with this. It is best to purchase any adapters before starting your journey.
Emergency numbers 
General emergency number (for Police, Fire, and Ambulance) : 112
Prague City Police: 156
Here are a few useful phrases in Czech to help you get by (with pronunciation tips in brackets):  
  • Prosím (prosseem) = Please / Here you are / You’re welcome / What did you say? / I’ll have … (i.e. If in doubt, try this word!)
  • Děkuji (dyekooyee) = Thank you
  • Není zač (nenyee zatch) = You’re welcome
  • Ano / No / Jo (yo) = Yes
  • Ne = No
  • Dobrý den (dobree den) = Hello
  • Nashledanou (naskledanoh) = Goodbye
  • Ahoj (ahoy) = Hi or Bye. Čau (pronounced like Italian ciao) is another informal equivalent.
  • Kde je WC? (gde ye veytsey) Where is the bathroom?
  • Muži, Pani = Men
  • Ženy, Damy = Ladies
  • Kolik to stojí? (kolik to stoyee) How much is it? (good luck understanding the answer!)
  • Co je to? (tso ye to) What is that?
  • Promiňte (prominteh) = Excuse me
  • Nerozumím (nerozoomeem) = I don’t understand
  • Mluvíte anglicky? (mluveete anglitsky) = Do you speak English?
  • Mohu zaplatit? (mohoo zaplatit) = May I pay the bill?
And here are a few numbers:  
  • 1. Jeden/Jedna/Jedno
  • 2. Dva/Dvě (dvah, dvyeh)
  • 3. Tři (trjee)
  • 4. Čtyři (chtijee)
  • 5. Pět (pyet)
  • 6. Šest (shest)
  • 7. Sedm (sedum)
  • 8. Osm (ossum)
  • 9. Devět (deveeyet)
  • 10. Deset (desset)
  • 20. Dvacet (dvahtset)
  • 50. Padesat (padessat)
  • 100. Sto
  • 1000. Tisic (tisseets)


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