The exhibition will take place at the Incheba Expo Praha at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague- Holešovice. The Holešovice Exhibition Grounds are an exceptionally interesting area boasting a long tradition as Prague’s main exhibition site and a highly attractive location near the city centre. Each year, the area, which covers approximately 320 000 square metres, is host to more than 50 exhibition events from a variety of sectors. Incheba Expo Praha also co-organizes many cultural and entertainment events.


Incheba Expo Praha is fortunate to have secured a long-term lease agreement from the City of Prague for the Exhibition Grounds. A strategic concept for the grounds’ development is currently being prepared along with a town-planning study of the area. A number of repairs to the main exhibition area as well as additional areas are currently underway, the grounds’ facilities and infrastructure will also be improved gradually and work is also being done on improving the transport and access routes both inside as well as around the entry points.
The EUCYS 2013 exhibition and main programme will take place in the left wing of the historic Industrial Palace.
Křižík’s fountain
Czech engineer, inventor and enthusiast  František Křižík’s electrically lit fountain built for General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891 and reconstructed a hundred years later, is one of the highlights of the Exhibition area. The fountain will be the venue for the Opening Ceremony at EUCYS 2013.
SaSaZu is one of the largest entertainment facilities of its kind in Prague, and will host the Farewell Party. It is capable of accommodating up to 2500 people for events such as conferences, workshops, corporate, fashion shows, exhibitions, sporting events, as well as large parties and concerts. SaSaZu is located at River Town Prague, and is easy to access by both public and private transportation. The name originates from the Japanese word for bamboo leaf, SaZu.
Bethlehem Chapel
The Bethlehem Chapel (Betlémská kaple) will be the venue for the 2013 EUCYS Award ceremony. The Chapel is set on the Bethlehem Square (Betlémské náměstí), a delightful little square in the heart of Prague’s Old Town. It is a place of great importance, as the reformer Jan Hus used to preach there in the 15th century, as did other reformers such as Thomas Müntzer, and thus it was the birthplace of the reformation in the Czech Kingdom. The chapel was demolished in the 18th century and only ruins remained, but it was rebuilt again according to the original plans in the 1950s.
Today, the Bethlehem Chapel is used not only for religious services but also for cultural events such as classical music concerts.


The map below shows the location of all the EUCYS 2013 hotels and venues:

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